NCDF: A Peek at the Process

May 1, 2012 § Leave a comment

Ever wondered how the NCDF Touring Artists are chosen? Here’s a little peek inside the process.

All submissions for the 2012-13 season were received in February and the reviewers scored them and made their comments.  This year sixteen applications came in –all kinds of dances from groups all over the state–and we selected six based on our reviewers’ scoring.  All dances go through the blind review process and are scored from 4 to 12 points.   The Dance Project Board of Directors selects a new group of four reviewers each year, trying to strike a balance of ages, experience and ethnicity.  They are charged with viewing the dances and marking them 1 (for a certain rejection), 2 (for possible inclusion) or 3 (for certain acceptance), and are asked to write a sentence or two about their experience of each work.  Every year we are struck by how important the quality of the actual video is to the reviewers, who are not necessarily used to looking at works in progress.

No perfect scores this year, but we accepted the dances scoring 9, 10, and 11, and then went on to invite two others to round out our programming in terms of artistic point of view and career stage of the choreographer.  In addition, every year each site invites several of its local artists, and we have invited a different one for each night of the Aycock performances in Greensboro.

Now we are left with figuring out the program order, organizing publicity, and waiting to see what grants come in.  These days it is easier to obtain support for community engagement activities than for artistic fees, and we have found it hard to interest many funders in a statewide event.  We are hopeful but always uncertain about the fees we can offer until all grants are in.  Keep your fingers crossed that the state continues to fund the NC Arts Council.  They are a great boon to North Carolina, and one of our most important sources of funding.

Up next on the blog: Part 2 of A Week in the Life of the NCDF with Program Director Anne Morris.


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