A Day in the Life of the NC Dance Festival, part 2

May 7, 2012 § Leave a comment

Welcome back!  A few weeks ago, I shared the first part of my week leading up to the Greensboro Festival performance.  I know you’ve all been holding your breath for the rest of the week…


9:00am: Visited 2 MORE classes at UNCG.  These are the last ones, thank goodness.  Although I did hand out lots of postcards, and was offered an interview on the college radio station by a student who also has a radio show on WUAG!

9:30 am: emails, emails, and more emails!  I have:

confirmed that two of our board members will sell t-shirts before the show and during intermission,

arranged for a t-shirt table and two easels for our display boards to be set up in the theater,

offered to host one of the performers at my house on Saturday night.

Sent an email to students at UNCG, Wake Forest, Guilford, High Point University, Salem College, and the local high schools to remind them about the master class on Saturday.

10:30am: Sent out an email blast to our mailing list to remind them about the performance this weekend.  Now to post on Facebook.

11:30am: Must learn to use Photoshop, or some other design program!  Just spent a frustrating hour designing a poster (in Microsoft Word) for the free outreach class on Saturday.  Insert picture– > text moves.  Send text to back– > nothing.  Send text to front– > nothing.  Take picture out.  Try again.  One side of the border disappears.  Make everything just a bit smaller so it fits.  The layout is off.  Try to move the picture just slightly.  Text moves again, runs off the page.

FINALLY got it to behave, and printed it out.

12:15: Posted the flyer around the Cultural Arts Center, in every place I can think of.  Maybe the public library will post them, too.  Will drop some off at UNCG, on my way back from the office.

Just a few more busy days before opening night!


9:00am: Almost forgot to finish the comp list!  Started it last week, but have to add all the choreographers and performers, along with some VIPs we wanted to include.

9:30am: sent comp list to box office manager.  Hopefully, I won’t think of too many people I forgot!

Looked online and in the local papers for press on the Festival.  Not much of a mention this year; just a little featured blurb and calendar listings.

10:00am: Emailed the show order and directions to the theater to the choreographers.

10:45am: The posters are ready!  Drove around the corner to the printer’s to pick them up, and all is well–no missing pages or glaring errors!

1:00pm: Off to an outreach class taught by one of the Festival artists.  I haven’t been able to go to all of the classes, so I’m excited to observe and take some pictures!

The students learned several partnering and weight sharing techniques.  I was impressed with their bravery and perseverence–all with lots of giggling, of course!


Performance night!

There’s not that much left to do before tonight, except:

*Check the local papers again for press previews

*Make a list of students reserving space in the Saturday master class

*Answer several phone calls from the artists and the technical director–someone’s running late, someone needs directions, someone can’t find parking…

*Print out forms so people can sign up for our mailing list.  Decided to make a box to collect the mailing list slips.  Covering a box with paper not quite large enough–and making it look nice–is quite a challenge!

*Make a sign with prices for the t-shirts we’ll be selling

*Carry all this to the theater:  Dance Project display board, Festival funders display board, big box of t-shirts and tote bags, mailing list box, cash box, big box of programs.

*Hope people show up.

8:00pm: Show Time!







In the end, all this was worth it.  People did show up–we had great crowds both Friday and Saturday night.  So many people showed up, in fact, that we ran out of programs on Saturday!  Not great for the audience, but it meant that more than we expected attended the shows. The artists were well received, and we heard excited and favorable murmurs from the audience during intermission and after the performance.  We brought the UNCG and Greensboro dance communities together, we supported our NC dance artists, and we put on a good show–a success all the way around!

Mark your calendars–the 2012 season will be here before you know it!

Up next on the blog: Profiles of and interviews with some of the Dance Project Board Members.  Find out what they’re up to in addition to supporting the local dance community!


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