Behind the Scenes with Code f.a.d. Company

August 20, 2012 § Leave a comment


Code f.a.d. Company, directed by Autumn Mist Belk, is a group committed to combining film, visual art, and dance in performance.  The company will be presenting the dance Julep during the 2012-13 NCDF tour, a trio set at the Kentucky Derby.

Belk founded the group in 2008, and the group has performed across the United States in its first four seasons, including significant shows in New York, Washington, D.C., Houston, Seattle, and Birmingham, Alabama. Belk earned her MFA from the University of Maryland and (in addition to directing Code f.a.d.) currently is on faculty at NC State University, where she teaches dance and yoga.

Code f.a.d Company offers us a quick look at the dance in these excerpts:


Like what you see?  Catch Julep in Raleigh on Friday, Sept 7, Boone on Oct 26, Greensboro Nov 2, Wilmington January 13, and Charlotte January 25!  Full performance details on our website.

Up next on the blog: Interview with Gaspard Louis, former Pilobolus dancer and director of Gaspard & Dancers.



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