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The NCDF Bonus Day Audience Choice Show!

photo by Steve Clarke, dancer Elizabeth Christopher

In an effort to encourage emerging choreographers in North Carolina and increase audience interest, the Dance Project and the NC Dance Festival are excited to launch the Bonus Day Audience Choice Show!

This informal dance concert, held during NCDF Bonus Day on January 19, 2013, will allow audiences to choose a dance by an emerging choreographer to be presented on the NC Dance Festival Greensboro program in Aycock Auditorium in early November 2013!

How it works:

1. Emerging choreographers submit their dances to the Dance Project by November 1, 2012.  (For submission instructions, visit our website.)

2. A group of Dance Project staff and board members select 3-6 choreographers to present their work in an informal setting during Bonus Day.

3. After the performance, a moderated talk-back session will be held with the audiences and artists, and audiences will rate each dance on several variables, including originality, development, effective choices, and overall interest.

4. The dance with the highest score will be presented during the NC Dance Festival mainstage performance in Aycock Auditorium, Greensboro, in November 2013!

Why this is good for emerging choreographers:

*For some, this may be a good opportunity to present their work to an audience, even if they only present work on Bonus Day, and are not selected for the Festival.

* This might allow young artists to find a foothold in the community, and perhaps give them a reason to stay in the area.

*This is an opportunity to get feedback on their work from a wide variety of viewers.

*If selected for the Festival, choreographers get the opportunity to present their work to a large audience alongside other emerging and established choreographers in an event with a strong reputation and a long history (22 years!) within the NC dance community.

Why this is good for the audiences and community:

* This allows audiences and the community to have a voice and an influence on the concerts they see.

*They get to see artworks that otherwise might not be presented.

*They have the opportunity to interact directly with choreographers by participating in the talk-back and giving feedback.

*Participation increases the sense of investment and involvement—“ownership”— in the dance community.

Why we (the Dance Project) think this is good for dance in the community and the NC Dance Festival:

Part of our mission is to build the NC dance community, and we aim to encourage and extend the appreciation of dance by the whole community, both as participants and audience, and to aid regional artists by providing support and opportunities for performance.

We hope this will bring emerging artists to our attention, and allow them to find a foothold within the community, where they can continue to enrich the dance field in the state.

We hope that this show can be much more than a popularity contest!  We want it to be a place where choreographers can get feedback and questions on their work from their community, where the audience has a voice and an influence on the programming they support, and where dances can be shared and considered on their artistic merits.

For more information, please visit our website.

We hope you will be part of this exciting new venture:

Make Dance.  Watch Dance.  Let your voice be heard!

Dance Local.


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