Meet the Artist: Audrey Baran

December 17, 2012 § Leave a comment

The upcoming NCDF Bonus Day Audience Choice Show features three emerging NC choreographers who will each present one dance in an informal performance on January 19 at 3:00pm.  The audience will choose one of these dances to go on to perform at the NC Dance Festival performance in Greensboro in November 2013.  Here’s your chance to meet the choreographers and get a preview of the featured dances!  Up first: Audrey Baran.

The work: “Out of Mind” is an abstraction on the tendency of Western culture to throw ourselves completely into certain humanitarian or environmental causes while ignoring other issues, even those right in front of our eyes.

photo by Glenn Roberson

photo by Glenn Roberson

The artist: Audrey Ipapo Baran graduated Magna cum Laude from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte with a BA in Dance in 2003. Since then, she has danced with the KINETYX Dance Ensemble, Kim Robards Dance, Queen City Jazz Company, project incite, and EE Motion. Audrey has taught at Gaston Dance Theater, The School of NCDT, and is currently at Open Door Studios and Sullivan Dance Centre. She is an Adjunct Professor in Dance at UNCC as of Spring 2013. Audrey has performed in the Charlotte Dance Festival, the North Carolina Dance Festival, and Piccolo Spoleto, and presented work in the NCDF Charlotte concert in 2011. Her student choreography has received recognition at the Charlotte Emerging Dance Awards three times. She founded Baran Dance in 2012, which seeks to make dance more accessible and inspiring in the Charlotte area, with the help of some very talented and generous dancers. Audrey Baran is also a Registered Yoga Teacher, and continues to share her love of movement and mindfulness throughout the Queen City and North Carolina.

photo by Steve Clarke

photo by Steve Clarke

On choreography: “I love that the possibilities are endless when choreographing, which can be daunting at times. But if you have a task or theme at hand, the dance almost seems to reveal itself to you, like it could not unfold any other way. I love watching dance that makes me feel something, either from my past or an entirely new experience. I love making dances for the same reason.”

On her process: “I am largely inspired by music, first of all, whether that music ends up being the score for the finished piece or not. My husband is a musician, so I like to hear his input and tie the two mediums together. I find that if you really listen to the music, it will tell you what to create, like it’s been looking for its missing mate.”

In her down-time, Audrey loves cooking, walking her dogs, and seeing live bands play their heart out.

In addition to seeing her work “Out of Mind” at NCDF’s Bonus Day, you can be on the lookout for her film collaboration with Tobias Shearer and the Dirty Art Club, as well as an informal concert featuring her company, Baran Dance, in May at Open Door Studios.


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