Meet the Artist: Marcus White

December 27, 2012 § Leave a comment

Help decide which emerging choreographer’s work will be part of Greensboro’s NC Dance Festival in November 2013 by attending the NCDF Bonus Day Audience Choice Show on January 19 at 3:00 pm. This is a chance to see three great works by local artists in an informal concert, interact with the artists, and vote on which work you believe should perform in the Festival. In anticipation, here is another glimpse into one of the works and its choreographer, Marcus White…

The work: “com4tzone” explores the idea of being bound to particular spaces and the implications it has for our ability to live our lives. Being constrained, testing the boundaries, and going beyond one’s “comfort zone” are concepts that were involved in the development of this quartet.

On the importance of audience: “How will the work be perceived, interpreted, engaged are all questions I ask myself when creating the work.  Every aspect of the dance, including elements beyond the movement (costume design, music, hair, makeup, staging) are all elements I consider when making the work.  It’s a full package, a full experience, not just the movement. The audience experiences so much more than just the movement when seeing live performance.  I want to be a part of that experience.”
photo by Anke Michaelson

photo by Anke Michaelson

The artist: Marcus White is a freelance dance artist. A BFA graduate from UNC-Greensboro, White has worked and trained with some of the nation’s leading dance professionals, and has had the opportunity to perform professionally for Theatre West Virginia, the North Carolina Black Repertory Theater Company, Michigan Ballet Theatre, Livestock Players, and other local and regional dance theater companies.  He is the Founding Director of Paradigm Dance, a contemporary and hip-hop dance company in Greensboro, NC.  His new and original work has been featured in dozens of pre-professional dance programs and professional dance festivals throughout the country.
photo by Sinru Ku

photo by Sinru Ku

On his introduction to dance: “Being raised in small town North Carolina, opportunities for dance was limited, especially for men.  A new studio, owned by Quisan Parker, opened up in my hometown (Clinton, NC) and I thought that was a perfect chance to try out dance.  I had always been engaged by movement growing up, being inspired mostly by music videos, step team, and marching band, so this seemed like a logical step for me. It was a huge “risk” but one I never regretted taking.”

In addition to choreographing, Marcus is involved in his own start-up arts marketing organization, smART Media Connections.  The organization is dedicated to offering administrative support to artists and arts organizations throughout the United States.  For more information, email


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