NCDF/ADF Choreographer: Natalie Marrone

June 4, 2013 § 1 Comment

The NC Dance Festival (NCDF) and the American Dance Festival (ADF) will co-present a celebration of NC dance in two concerts on the ADF @ Duke main stage on June 19 at 7pm and 9pm.  Selected by a panel of nationally recognized choreographers, four works were chosen from among the top performances on the NCDF tour in the past ten years.  Follow along as we meet the choreographers of each dance!

“As an artist I have always believed that it is important to find a balance between the work you have in your heart to make and the work the community is calling for.” –Natalie Marrone

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Natalie and The Dance Cure, a brief bio:

Community and Culture: Two important ideals for choreographer Natalie Marrone’s artistry, seen throughout in her work Strega Stories Part II-Revolt that will be presented at the NCDF/ADF performance this June.

As a choreographer based in Raleigh, NC, Natalie investigates her southern Italian roots, through her company The Dance Cure.

Receiving her MFA in Choreography from Ohio State University, Natalie created the Dance Cure in 1998 to showcase her choreographic fusion of Italian folk traditions and contemporary dance. Ms. Marrone’s college dance consulting firm Dance Decisions was featured in Dance Magazine’s 2008 College Guide.

“The Dance Cure works hard to bring our southern Italian based dances to a broad range of performance venues in order to be of service to our local dance audience, as well as other local venues who house folks who are driven to understand or resonate with the southern Italian ethnicity embedded in our story telling.  Because our work often derives from the rituals and stories of marginalized and oppressed people, we feel it is important to give back to our Italian American community here in the Triangle as often as possible,” Natalie tells us.

Natalie Marrone by Kelly Murphy

The Dance Cure by Kelly Murphy


NCDF/ADF Collaboration: 

As a student at the American Dance Festival in the early 90s, Natalie says it is “a true honor and a blessing to perform alongside some of the most prestigious people in dance worldwide.”

When asked about the upcoming collaborative concert, Natalie explains that it “represents a critical and powerful link between our local dance community and the national and international dance scene.  I think it is at once a very intelligent and inspiring collaboration that puts our local dance opportunities on “the map” which will in turn inspire more dance artists to live and work in North Carolina.”

Mighty Feminine Ancestry.  This is how Natalie describes her work, Strega Stories Part II- REVOLT.  This work, choreographed in collaboration with the all-female cast, is inspired by interviews with Italian Americans who have had experience with southern Italian folk healing traditions.  Many of these traditional healers, often known as Strege, went underground upon arrival in the United States, but continue to practice secretly within familial circles.

Revolt Reh. 2013

The Dance Cure rehearses “Strega Stories Part II: REVOLT”

“The good witches (the Strege) dance first to the sounds of traditional Sicilian instruments; the sound then morphs into drum-driven hip-hop. The lighting design was strong and spooky (Cailen Waddell did lighting for all the pieces); Angela Porterfield’s costumes are wonderful, and whoever did the dancers’ hair should have gotten a special mention. These strege make you want to get out your grandmother’s home remedies and let your hair run wild while joining in the Dance Cure.”  -Kate Dobbs Ariail, 2011

Dancing local in NC:

What’s the dance scene in NC like?  “Rich, and full of talent,” says Natalie.

When moving to North Carolina in 2008, Natalie Marrone and The Dance Cure had already been established for a decade in Ohio.  By participating in the 2009 and 2011 NCDF tours, the company dancers really developed as an ensemble and were given the opportunity to be received by multiple audiences. “It is also such an important way for all dance artists in the state to connect and be inspired by other’s viewpoints,” Natalie says in high praise.

“We collaborate with many organizations to make these things happen and feel grateful to have many non-traditional and traditional concert dance venues where our work is well received,” Natalie says about The Dance Cure’s local participation.

Currently underway…

As the recipients of the North Carolina Dance Alliance’s choreographic fellowship in 2012, the Dance Cure has recently made a new work, and has continued performing in the Triangle area.

Natalie and The Dance Cure have also been conducting research on an obscure tarantella ritual from Carpino Italy, working on a dance for the camera in collaboration with Artauro Productions in Durham and have some momentum around doing a full evening of work in 2014 to bring all of their documentation and choreographic investigations around southern Italian healing traditions to life.

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