10 great reasons to check out the ADF/NCDF show this week!

June 17, 2013 § Leave a comment

Natalie Marrone by Kelly Murphy

The NC Dance Festival (NCDF) and the American Dance Festival (ADF) will co-present a celebration of NC dance in two concerts on the ADF @ Duke main stage on June 19 at 7pm and 9pm.

We are getting super excited about the show!  We know you’ve already bought your tickets (right?), but if not, here’s why you should come join us in Durham on Wednesday:

10. The Duke campus: Ok, so this one’s not about the dancing, but seriously, take a walk around the beautiful Duke Campus before entering the theater–it’s worth it!

9. Variety: Just as the annual NCDF statewide tour does, this concert highlights the variety of different kinds of dance that are happening across North Carolina.  There’s something for everybody!

8. The Dancers: NC has some great dancers, as all four works demonstrate.  Natalie Marrone’s dancers in REVOLT are particularly fierce!

7. The Audience: NCDF has a loyal and supportive following, and there’s nothing quite like watching a show in a theater full of excited ADF students who are really, really passionate about dance!

6. Women in Suits: You know, if that’s your thing…  don’t miss the lovely ladies in John Gamble’s work.

5. Thought-provoking: The dances in this concert are not just fun to watch, they give you something to think about!  The stories that Cara and Mackenzie Hagan dance to reflect on love, friendship, loss, and inequality.

4. Queen: come on, who doesn’t love Queen?  And it’s the perfect accompaniment to Lindsey Kelley and Mindy Upin’s quirky dance!

3. Strong Choreography: These four works, very different from each other, were chosen by a panel of nationally recognized choreographers from among the best of the dances featured in the last 10 years of the NCDF. The range of age, training, experience, and style of the choreographers gives each dance a different voice, but all are choreographically strong.

2. Historic: Local NC choreographers have not been featured on the ADF mainstage before!

1. Show your NC pride: This is YOUR dance community!  Help us show ADF students and audiences that there’s a lot to celebrate in our state!


Help us spread the word on Facebook and Twitter by including #dancelocal in your messages!

See you at the show.

Dance Local.


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