Fun Friday: Renay Aumiller

August 23, 2013 § Leave a comment

“I don’t think I need a spine. It’s holding me back.”

Renay Aumiller may be able to live without a spine, but she absolutely cannot miss her morning cup of coffee. Priorities.

DP: Batman or Superman? Please support your response.

RA: No need to think about this one. I prefer Batman for sure. He has such a complex backstory that is more relatable than Superman. I mean, Superman is an alien that can fly. Come on, now. Plus he looks like a Ken doll, wears red tightie-whities, and never leaves home without a blue unitard which makes me very suspicious of his style choices. Batman is such a mystery. He chooses to live a life where those who know his alter ego, Bruce Wayne, think of him as a giant douche bag. His good deeds go consciously unnoticed which I have mad respect for. Plus he doesn’t really have superpowers. He’s on the same level as everyone else, but worked really hard to acquire a skill that he has mastered. In a way, his superpower is a selfless commitment to others. That’s something to look up to.

Friends Renay and Meelo celebrate the Christmas holiday!

Friends Renay and Meelo celebrate the Christmas holiday!

“Question: What is a pirate’s favorite movie? Answer: Any movie that is rated ‘Arrggghh!'”



Check our performance calendar to see when you can catch Renay’s work in the NC Dance Festival!

Next week on the blog: Meet Ronnie West, director of Black Irish dance company.


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