Meet your Local Artists: Wilmington Part 2

February 3, 2014 § Leave a comment

Meet four more of the local Wilmington artists that will share the stage with the NCDF touring artists in just a few days!

Stephanie Chavez and Sam Williams

Photo by Stephanie Chavez

Photo by Stephanie Chavez

Fellow dancers Stephanie Chavez and Samantha Williams collaborated to create “”Devin -vs- Sunny D,” a comical chase featuring the character “Devin.”  Is Devin for real or just a figment of the imagination? Come find out!
Stephanie was born in Phoenix, Arizona.  After moving to North Carolina at a young age she began training in classical ballet at the Raleigh School of Ballet, the Raleigh Dance Theatre, and North Carolina School of the Arts.  Stephanie teaches at the Dance Cooperative and is an active performer in Wilmington.  She has a B.A. in Chemistry and a B.S. Biology and is currently pursuing her Master’s in Biology at the University of North Carolina Wilmington as well as her yoga certification through the Yoga Alliance.

Samantha Williams received her BA in Dance from UNC Greensboro in 2010. She has also studied dance at the University of Ulster in Northern Ireland, Greenwich Dance Agency and The Place in London and Ariel silks with Strength and Elegance in Wilmington and Flying Fantastic in London. In Wilmington, she teaches for the Dance Cooperative and dances regularly for Kate Muhlstein and other Co-op members. Most recently, Sam has taken on the role of School Director at the Dance Cooperative and is extremely excited for this new phase in her professional career!

Linda Larson

Choreography by Linda Ann Larson. Photo by Mike Webb.

Choreography by Linda Ann Larson. Photo by Mike Webb.

Linda has an eclectic background which includes 20 years of performing in NYC with modern companies, being a Dance Cooperative core member and an MS analytical chemist. She has been in Wilmington for 8 years and uses her background in math and sciences to create unique choreography and opportunities to present her work. She uses her love of manipulating timing and patterns to bring her vision to the stage.

“6/8 War” is a piece exploring the heartbeat of a city that bares the resiliency of its pulse after being structurally and emotionally compromised.

Kate Muhlstein

Photo of "Pachyderm."

Photo of “Pachyderm.”

Kate is a Texas native who moved to Wilmington in 2007 to dance with the Rednerrus Fiel Dance Company. Soon after she began working with Dance Cooperative and Forward Motion Dance as well as developing her own company which she hopes to premier this year. When not dancing and choreographing you can find Kate knitting, sculpting, painting or creating in some way.

Kate’s piece “Pachyderm” is a duet performed by Stephanie Chavez and Daniel Smith. It is a study of various types of abuse in relationships, heavy in movement and subject matter.

Brittany Patterson

Brittany Patterson performing in Dance-a-lorus

Brittany Patterson performing in Dance-a-lorus

Brittany has been dancing since age 5; this love of dance has led her to dance with a company in Florida and to study in New York. She is a woman of many talents, holding a degree in literature and a masters in social work. Brittany has enjoyed re-entering the dance scene since she moved to Wilmington in 2011.

“Hidden Mirrors” is a piece set for 6 females and like most of her work, is psychological in nature. It showcases the instability of self image and affect often experienced by those suffering with Borderline Personality Disorder. The dancers represent six parts of one person and the movement invites the audience to experience the chaotic inner life of that person.

Ready to see the show?  Tickets are now available for this weekend of dance featuring choreographers and dancers from across our beautiful state. Shows are Friday, February 7 at 8pm, Saturday, February 8 at 8pm, and Sunday, February 9 at 3pm. Tickets are $15 for a single show or $35 for a weekend pass (discounts for students and active duty military with ID). All shows at the Community Arts Center. Tickets are available at The Community Arts Center at 910-341-7860 or contact the Dance Coop at 910-763-4995.


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