5 Reasons to See the ADF/NCDF show!

June 16, 2014 § Leave a comment


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Looking for entertainment this summer? Come see a spectacular dance performance! The NC Dance Festival (NCDF) and the American Dance Festival (ADF) are once again co-presenting a celebration of NC dance in two concerts on the ADF@ Duke main stage on June 18 at 7pm and 9pm. Four local NC choreographers were hand selected by nationally ranked adjudicators to be a part of the “Here and Now: NC Dances” show.


Graphic credit: ADF

If I haven’t yet convinced you, here are five reasons to catch it this year:

1. Sneak peek at some of the choreographers chosen to go on tour for NCDF in the Fall of 2014. Dances with this depth and complexity are worth seeing more than once! Each of the four versatile choreographers bring something new to the table. Renay Aumiller Dances will present Acquiring Dawn, featuring a dark but transformative post-apocalyptic environment inspired by Cormac McCarthy’s “The Road.” Gaspard & Dancers’ work Annatations, imagines a dreamy landscape peopled with the souls that perished in the 2010 earthquake in Haiti.  A Place Apart, an athletic and introspective duet for two men choreographed by Diego Carrasco Schoch, explores relationship, support, and entanglement. Last but certainly not least, Leah Wilks’ company Vector presents Mess, a solo work performed with focused intensity and emotional commitment, as Wilks poses and answers questions about the body’s resilience.

2.  To be a patron of the arts and support the community. You don’t have to be a larger donor to be a good patron of the arts. By coming to as many shows as possible to support and encourage local NC dance artists, you are doing your part to keep the local arts community healthy and active. Plus, impress your friends with your cultural sophistication, and tap into the adventurousness and creativity that dance offers. Dance is an art form in which your interpretation counts! For example, you might come up with a different story, plot, theme, tone, or inspiration for the various dance pieces than the person next to you.

3. Change up your date night. Stray away from the typical candlelight dinners, a movie, or a night in with a bottle of wine and a deck of cards. Try a romantic night out to “Here and Now: NC Dances” dance performance. This show will give you a chance to dress up, it’s affordable, and will be a great conversation starter. But the date can start before the show or continue after the show in a city like Durham. Eat at a local restaurant before the 9pm show or have a night on the town after the 7pm show–the choice is yours!

4. Dancers are gorgeous. Let’s face it: dancers are fit. It’s hard not to appreciate and enjoy the sheer beauty and athleticism in these performances. While dance is an art form, not a sport, it is just as physically demanding as any sport. These dancers have been rehearsing for months to make sure that everything runs smoothly come show night.

5. The pure joy you get from live performances. Beyond being inspired, amazed, entertained and impressed, you will have a memory that is truly remarkable. Each of these dances goes beyond just movement, incorporating elements such as: hanging props, snow flurries, text, and film to help convey a message or story to the audience. From the theatrical elements to the emotions evoked, this performance will be an experience you’ll never forget.
Ready to see the show? Great. Get tickets at Duke University Box Office.


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