Meet the Local Company: Black Box Dance

September 15, 2014 § Leave a comment


Formerly Even Exchange Dance Theater, Black Box Dance is an innovative new company housed at Arts Together in Raleigh, NC. Each year as part of NCDF, the local host chooses a company or companies to perform alongside the touring artists at their specific site. This year, Meredith College invited Black Box Dance to participate in their one-night-only dance concert. According to their website:

…the Black Box represents innovation in dance making: the process of how dances are made and where they are used in the world.

Our mission is to celebrate dance through creating, teaching and performing works that interpret, influence and inspire those within our local and global communities. Dance is one of the most natural connectors to our humanity that we have and through our work and play we hope to expose that very fact.


018 BBDT July 19 CAC

Joining our five touring artists, Black Box Dance will be performing Opposition Overture (“The Rock”) at our Meredith College performance on September 20. Opposition Overture is “the outline of an as yet unrealized evening length work exploring our complicated relationship with opposition.” It aims to look at this relationship through humor, large movement, intimate gesture, and text while using the myth of Sisyphus as a frame for the work.

014 BBDT July 19 CAC mpbb2014

The work was created by Black Box Dance with collaboration from participants from the Appalachian mountains to the great dismal swamp. They hope that the piece will be both a political and personal journey for the audience, engaging difference with civil dialogue and dance.

Want to see the show? NCDF will be in Raleigh on September 20!

Dance Local.


All photos credited to Brooke Meyer


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