Meet the Local Artist: Amy Love Beasley

October 27, 2014 § Leave a comment


photo credit: Steve Clarke

A visual artist as well as a dancer, Amy Love Beasley will be joining the NCDF on its stop in Greensboro this year.  She currently serves on the faculty of Wake Forest University as a Teaching Fellow in Dance. Amy enjoys exploring intersections of dance with experiments in drawing, video, and animation. Her work has been presented at Elon University, UNC-Greensboro, FSC-Jacksonville, Art-o-Matic in Washington, DC, and WAXworks in Brooklyn, NY. She recently presented work at the Center for Performance Research, in Brooklyn and in Seattle, as a guest of It Must Have Been Violet. She has had the good fortune of performing for many artists who inspire her, including John Gamble, Gerri Houlihan, Niki Juralawicz, BJ Sullivan, Sean Sullivan, and Jan Van Dyke.

Amy particularly enjoys exploring the relationship between technology, the body, and dance as a catalyst for change. “…as technology leads us into new and exciting spaces, I also recognize the importance of coming back to the space that is our bodies, and I believe that dance provides us with a specific portal into transformative territory. I recognize dance as an influential medium for change, and I enter into sharing it with a great respect for the body’s intelligence, the power of movement, and the necessity of art. I feel deeply fortunate to be a participant in this field that I believe to be of growing consequence.”

On November 1 at 7:30pm in Aycock Auditorium you’ll be able to see her piece Buoyancy IV. Choreographed by her with movement contributions by the dancers, Buoyancy IV is bound to be visually stimulating and provocative. In her artist statement, Beasley shares some thoughts about Buoyancy IV:

Buoyancy IV is a dance work which shares my research into the act of mark making and movement: laying down visual evidence, transformation, transition, place, and gesture. I have created choreography based on these interests in this quartet–it reflects my interest in line and gesture in the act of dancing and our process included improvising and excavating the act of drawing to dancing. Further exploration of the piece will explore the transition from dancing to drawing.

Want to see the show? NCDF will be in Greensboro on November 1st!

Dance Local.


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