Day in the Life: School Director Lauren Joyner

February 25, 2015 § Leave a comment

As the School Director, I have so many things to think about in one day. If I want the school to run smoothly, then my best friend is strategic organization. With only so many in-office hours available to me during the week, having clear goals makes the work that much easier and more enjoyable. Hopefully you’ll enjoy this snapshot of what an average start of my week looks like!
-Lauren Joyner, School Director

9 am- The day begins with checking voicemail. We get tons of calls every day from current and prospective parents, as well as community members who want to collaborate for outreach opportunities. After that, I send out an email to the staff about any reminders or changes for the week. It’s important to stay in touch with the teachers to make sure they are able to do their jobs to the best of their abilities; without them, our school couldn’t run! 

9:25- It feels like the semester just started, but I’m already putting lots of work into planning this summer and fall! I’m coordinating our masterclass series, working with an intern to make a promo video, and finalizing our summer schedule. 

11:30- I meet with the Assistant School Director at least once a week to catch up and make sure we stay on the same page. Since we don’t always work the same hours, this meeting helps us be sure we know exactly what needs to be accomplished this week.

12:45- One of the huge outreach events of the Spring semester is The Lindley Park Pillow Pops. It’s an exciting evening of music and dance featuring the Greensboro Symphony Orchestra and our adult, teen, and junior performance companies. The performance is coming up soon, so we’re spending lots of time digging through the costume closet to make sure our dancers have everything they need. 

2:00- I have a meeting tomorrow to discuss a possible collaboration between DPSCA and the Music Center so I’m focusing some of my energy on doing online research and prep so I can be totally prepared. 

3:15- I spend a lot of time coordinating what our Work Study students can do to help around the office. Today, I’ve got them putting up flyers around the building and organizing the costume closet. 

4:00- My favorite part of the day: teaching! I’ve got Musical Theatre today with my 7-12 year olds. It’s amazing to watch their growth week by week.


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