Day in the Life: Assistant School Director Milanda McGinnis

March 17, 2015 § Leave a comment

As Assistant School Director, my main priority is to support the School Director in anything that she needs. That includes keeping up with the books, helping to develop curriculum, and being a parent liaison. I love being able to come to Dance Project each day for work because it lets me get the best of both worlds–the work I do is equally administrative and artistic. I hope you enjoy seeing what an average day in my life looks like!

–Milanda McGinnis, Assistant School Director

10:00–When I come in, I check the studio notebooks and take any payments that have been received in class. One of the most major parts of my job is to keep up with all the money that comes in and out of the school. This means writing the checks for Jan to sign, reminding parents when monthly tuition is due, and keeping up with the bills (not exciting, but definitely necessary!). I try and get everyday payment things out of the way as soon as I come in so I can focus larger amounts of time to big projects.

12:00–I have a meeting with Lauren to go over some new information about some upcoming marketing. It’s definitely important for us to make sure that the projects we do reach a wide audience and having a solid marketing plan will help us to be successful.

1:45–I’ve got a little downtime, so I’m looking for new and innovative teaching methods that help supplement our curriculum. I want the dancers that I teach to leave the studio knowing everything that they can about as many styles as possible to prepare them for college and beyond.

2:30–More teacher prep! The Teen Performance Company just had their first performance of the semester at Pillow Pops and it went great! Now it’s time to learn some new choreography. I like to spend some time in my day going over the choreography that I plan to teach tonight so that when it’s time for instruction, I’m fully prepared and can give 100%.

4:45–One of my favorite parts of the day is when I get to teach. I love working with my students! They’re dedicated and hardworking and getting to see their improvement each week is a joy to me. Today I’m teaching Modern III for ages 13-18 and Teen Performance Company. In Modern we’re working on getting ready for the Spring Showcase where the dancers will be performing a dance inspired by mermaids in the sea. It’s got an aquatic, flow-y feel to it. I’m excited for the finished product!


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