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On June 25th, the NC Dance Festival and the American Dance Festival will collaborate for the 3rd time with the “Here and Now” show as part of the ADF Season. The goal of “Here and Now” is to celebrate the professional dance and choreography being made right here in North Carolina.

This year, four artists will be featured at the “Here and Now” show in Durham: Anna Barker, Shaleigh Comerford, Kristen Jeppsen Groves, and Karola Luttringhaus. We’re thrilled to celebrate these four choreographers chosen to perform on the ADF/NCDF concert, but there are so many other dancers and choreographers in NC worth celebrating, too! We want to highlight dance in all its NC glory, happening “here and now.”

So, beginning in June, we at NCDF want to see how you dance here and now! At 6:25 any day between June 1 and 22, take a picture of yourself or others dancing, share on your favorite social media site (Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram) and tag it #herenow625. Each week we will gather all pictures that have been tagged #herenow625 and let the public vote on their favorite picture. The overall favorite for the month will be featured on our social media accounts and awarded a pair tickets to the concert in Durham on June 25!

Come join us as we celebrate modern dance in North Carolina! How do you dance here and now? What does it mean to create work here and now? We can’t wait for you to share your pictures and ideas with us using #herenow625.

Keep an eye out on the blog for artist profiles of “Here & Now” artists, coming soon!!


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