Voices of NCDF: Natalie Marrone

September 30, 2015 § Leave a comment

Natalie Marrone is a fusion artist combining modern dance, vernacular jazz dance and Italian folk rituals to create a unique performance aesthetic.

Marrone showcased her choreographic fusion through her performance company called The Dance Cure. Her choreographic research and scholarship have been featured in national commercials, live television events and presented throughout the USA, Italy and Taiwan through the National Dance Education Organization, The Congress on Research in Dance, The National Italian American Folk Art Federation, the American Italian Historical Association, The North Carolina Dance Festival, Ohio Dance, The North Carolina Dance Association as well as others. Ms. Marrone’s work has been awarded numerous city and state grants, choreographic fellowships, foundational and university level research support, and honored twice in the Columbus Dispatch “top ten” performances of the year. Most recently Ms. Marrone’s choreographic work has been featured at the American Dance Festival and the film Alto starring Annabella Sciorra and Diana DeGarmo. She has been a part of the faculty at many Universities such as Ohio State University, Western Michigan University, Ohio Wesleyan University, Meredith College, Duke University and Elon University.


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